Weekly Hold & Want List

We update our list every Monday to correlate with our current inventory holds and wants. For questions about consigned goods, call us at 828-258-0757 or check out our Consignment Info to find out what we look for in secondhand outdoor goods.

No Appointment Necessary | 30-item limit per person


Gear Needs

Camping accessories, tents, stoves and packs

Bikes, bike gear & accessories


Paddling gear/cold weather gear

Climbing helmets, crash pads & shoes

Clothing Needs

Now accepting Fall outdoor clothing!


Space is very limited in our store. Please be mindful of the consigned goods we accept and don't accept. Great quality and gently used gear and apparel is always appreciated.

Gear Holds



All Bike Racks

Purse/Shoulder/Messenger Bags

Running/Hydration Belts

Women's Clothing

Non-outdoor brand yoga pants

Men's Clothing

Pants size 36 & up

Kid's Clothing

*We reserve the right to refuse any item for any reason

*"Hold" means we are not taking an item at the moment