• Your Unused Gear Gets a New Life

  • You Receive Cash or Store Credit

  • Local NonProfits Benefit!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Consignment?

Consignment is a mutually beneficial partnership between you and Second Gear. We sell your items on your behalf, splitting the profits with you. You bring your gently used outdoor gear & clothing to us and we take care of the rest!

We'll inspect your gear and/or clothing to ensure they meet our quality standards. Our team then establishes a fair selling price for your items and neatly displays them within our store. Once your item has sold, we mail you a check or add store credit to your consignor account. Easy!

How/When Can I Consign My Items?

You can consign with us any day of the week. No appointment necessary!

We ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes before we are scheduled to close to allow our staff adequate time to inspect your items.

We also have a 30-item limit per consignor. If you have more items than this please call ahead and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Whenever you're ready to consign, just bring your items into our store and head to our consignment intake counter where one of our staff members will assist you. Remember to check our consignment updates page first to check what we're currently accepting!

Consignment Rates, Pricing & Monthly Discounts

Rates: Consignors receive 50% of an item’s selling price if paid in cash or 55% of an item’s selling price if paid in store credit. (For example, if we sell one of your items for $100 - you receive $50 if paid in cash or $55 if paid in store credit.) 

Second Gear sends checks to consignors each month for any items sold for “cash” in the previous month. The store strives to mail all consignment checks by the 10th of the month. Consignors selling items for store credit are credited 48 hours after an item sells. Consignors may access their account balances online, stop by the store, or call for your credit balance.

Pricing and Monthly Discounts: Selling price is initially determined by Second Gear through research and current styles. Typically we price items 30 to 50% below their retail value depending on their condition and age, although pricing may vary.

On the first of the month the selling price of consigned items are discounted by the following amounts:

0% during the first month or portion thereof
10% during the second month
25% during the third month
50% during the fourth month.

Second Gear reserves the right to reduce prices further for sales or other promotions.

What Do You Accept For Consignment?

Second Gear sells retail and consigned outdoor adventure gear, apparel, footwear and accessories on a seasonal basis. We focus on the items you need to get outside and enjoy our local outdoor sports, such as mountain biking, cycling, camping/backpacking, climbing, paddling, and disc golf.

The brands we accept on consignment are the high quality outdoor brands you would find at any major outdoor retailer like REI. We accept Patagonia, Arcteryx, The North Face, Outdoor Research, MSR, Prana, Black Diamond, Chaco, Keen and many, many others. If you're unsure if we will accept your gear/clothing, we always encourage you to ask!

All items brought in for consignment must be clean (no dirt, no dog hair, no bad smells), gently used, and operational (bicycle tires hold air and brakes work, headlamps have batteries, camp stove will light, sleep pads hold air).

Check out our Consignment Updates page, updated weekly, to learn more about what we're currently accepting for consignment.

Second Gear has the right to refuse any item for any reason.

What Do You NOT Accept For Consignment?

- Athletic sports gear (Basketball, Football, Baseball, Hockey, etc.)
-Mountaineering Gear
-Skis and Ski Equipment
-Roller Skates/Blades
-Vintage Clothes (No Old Labels)
-Vintage Apparel and Gear
-Hunting Gear and Clothing
-Fishing Gear or Clothing
-Exercise Equipment
-Big Name Brands or Department Store Brands (ie. Nike, Adidas, Walmart, etc.)

-Helmets Older Than 5 years old
- Bike Parts: Bike Tires, Wheels, Components, Seat Posts, Handlebars

-White Gas Stoves or Anything White Gas (Containers Okay)

-Weight Bearing Equipment Used Harnesses/Ropes/Carabiners (Unless New w/ Tag and Unused)
-No Mountaineering Boots/Gear/Crampons

No Diving Suits/Full or Shorty Wetsuits Only (NRS Farmer Jane/John Style 2/3mm Only)

-Used Water Filter Systems or Filters
-Inflatable Couches

Watches/GPS Devices/Fitbits/Etc.

-Big Name Brands or Department Store Brands
-Work Boots/Steel Toe No Waders

Do You Ever Buy Items Outright For Cash?

No. If you are looking for same day money for your items, you are better off at a pawn shop or another establishment. Selling your gear on consignment will take longer than an upfront sale, but you’ll usually receive more money for your items by consigning them instead of selling for cash on the spot.

What Is Your Return Policy For Consigned Items?

Second Gear allows returns on unused consigned items within a 48-hour period after purchase. If you miss your 48 hour return window, you always have the option to re-consign the item on your own account to sell again.

Space is limited in our store. Please be mindful of the consigned goods we accept and don't accept. Great quality and gently used gear and apparel is always appreciated.

*We reserve the right to refuse any item for any reason