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Caterpillars of North America Field Guide, Jaret Daniels

Caterpillars of North America Field Guide, Jaret Daniels

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The metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly or moth is one of nature’s most amazing wonders. While their transformations into winged pollinators tend to get much of the attention, caterpillars are fascinating and beautiful. Anyone who wants butterflies in their backyard or garden should hope for caterpillars too! If you see caterpillars in your area, keep this convenient guide close at hand. Designed for ease of use, the booklet is organized by butterfly or moth, then by family. Narrow your choices based on a caterpillar’s physical characteristics, and view just a few species at a time to ID the insect—and see what kind of butterfly or moth it becomes. The professional photographs showcase 90 species. You’ll also appreciate bonus information, such as caterpillar anatomy and why butterflies and moths are important. Written by acclaimed author and expert entomologist Jaret C. Daniels, Caterpillars of North America presents the most common and important species to know.
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