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"The Art of Unruly Travel on a Budget" by Calen Ann Otto

"The Art of Unruly Travel on a Budget" by Calen Ann Otto

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Are you ready to go on an unforgettable journey, picking up invaluable information along the way? Lace up and strap in because we're ready to explore some travel magic together! In this unique guide, The Art of Unruly Travel on a Budget, traveler, activist, and author Calen Otto will teach you how to travel on an extremely small budget. This isn't another guide that robotically recommends just staying in hostels over hotels. Instead, this guide teaches you to navigate and find the essentials of life and travel with little money; tools, transportation, shelter, joy, and food. After crossing the USA for the first time with just a bike and a $300 gift card, Calen learned the art of unruly travel with almost no money in hand. Calen then continued on, seeing most of the USA in a similar fashion, and ultimately writing this guide so that others can do the same. If you're ready to learn the ways of a budget traveler, backpacker, frugal wanderer, and mindful explorer, this book may be fo...
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