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Innova XT Mako3 Mid-Range Golf Disc

Innova XT Mako3 Mid-Range Golf Disc

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The Innova XT Mako3 dials up the grip and dials in your straight shots for a mid range game you can count on. It’s the perfect disc for manageable fairway shots with very limited fade. How the Mako3 disc feels: The Mako3’s thin rim makes grip and release natural for any sized hands. And, after only a few throws your body will instinctively reach for it. Dome can range from pretty flat to noticeable. Mako3 Flight Numbers: 5 / 5 / 0 / 0 How the Mako3 flies: The Mako3 is a neutral flying large diameter mid range disc, and it is perhaps the easiest disc to fly straight from the get-go. It’s got excellent glide and minimal fade at flight’s end. For moderate conditions, especially in the woods, the Mako3 can easily be your most used disc for medium length drives and approaches. Very versatile, especially for any must-hit-gap shot. XT plastic: Firm with a tacky grip, XT is among Innova best plastics in terms of grip. As far as durability, XT is more durable than DX and most Pro plastic...
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