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Innova XT Atlas Mid-Range Golf Disc

Innova XT Atlas Mid-Range Golf Disc

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Getting lost off the fairway is a thing of the past with the Innova XT Atlas at your side. It’s the mid range that’s built to stay on the straight and narrow. How the XT Atlas disc feels: In the hand, it has a thin, shallow rim that’s packed with tons of grip. The flight plate is moderately stiff, but has more give Champion edition. Noticeable dome in most cases. XT Atlas Flight Numbers: 5 / 4 / 0 / 1 How the Atlas flies: The Atlas is a neutral flying large diameter mid range disc that’s easy to learn and even easier to fall in love with. Practically any line is within reach of this disc, provided the wind isn’t too severe. The Atlas benefits aren’t limited to the sky either. Its overmold design allows for flat landing in most cases, which limits harsh skips off the fairway. After tree hits, the length of deflections are also minimized. More about XT Overmold: With Innova’s overmold, which marries two separate plastic pieces together, you never have to choose between grip and pe...
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