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As you have almost certainly noticed if you have been into our Haywood Rd store in the last month or so, we’re embarking on some major renovations here in our West Asheville location.

The entire building is being restored to its historical facade, and the interior is getting some major upgrades.  The upstairs of the building will have nine apartments, and we are getting some dynamic new neighbors on the street level.

In the meantime, we’re a bit… squished.

Our store, which usually takes up two “bays” of our building, has been consolidated into half the space for the time being.  A good amount of our products were shuffled downtown to make room here in West Asheville, and we’re currently using retail fixtures which allow for more dense product merchandising, but is not quite as “shoppable” for our customers.  It’s a question of some compromises being made in order to stay open and continue to serve the community.

The finished product is still a few months out, but it promises lots of exciting new changes to our retail space.  In the meantime, both locations are still open and operating relatively normally.  Pop in and come visit!

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