Gear Reps

At Second Gear we take pride in working with gear reps throughout the outdoor industry.  We offer preferred consignment rates for gear reps, and strive to come up with a pricing system that works out well for everyone.  Our consigned samples are discounted at 30% off MSRP.  This allows us to offer our customers a good deal, while giving our reps a much higher cut than stores that buy large lots in a lump sum.  In other words, though it may take several months, our consigning gear reps frequently end up recouping twice as much money, compared to selling their samples to clearance centers.

Other gear reps are eager to liquidate their merchandise quickly, either to get their money in short order or to clear out space in their garage, and we work with them to price their items “to move.”

Our customers come to Second Gear store looking for those great deals on new gear and clothing.   It’s a great alternative to trying to hold your own gear sales or selling through eBay or Craigslist.

Second Gear has been in the outdoor industry since 2004 and has many established accounts with well-known reps – locally and across the US.  If you are a representative of an outdoor goods company that is interested in learning more about how you can sell your products through Second Gear, contact us directly and we will be happy to talk with you about working together.