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Earn Money or Store Credit AND Help Your Community!

Your old gear gets new life

You receive money or store credit

Local nonprofits benefit

Currently NOT accepting

We accept recognized outdoor gear brands such as Patagonia, Arc’teryx, Marmot, Mountain Hardwear, The North Face, Outdoor Research, Black Diamond, Sierra Designs, Prana, Pearl Izumi, Astral, La Sportiva, MSR, Kuhl, Keen, Chaco, Innova, Camelback, Immersion Research, Osprey, Mammut, Five Ten and other outdoor brands. We do not take exercise equipment, or athletic/department store brands (Danskin, Nike, Snobu, etc).  Apparel must be Clean & free of pet hair, stains, tears, rips and smells. Any gadgets must have batteries so they can be tested, bikes must have tires that hold air, working gears and brakes so that they can be taken for test rides. Take a look at our Consignment Policy.

If you have specific questions about your gear, please call us at 828.258.0757 and we will be happy to better clarify our policies.

Please allow time for staff to go through your items with you in store. Our store closes at 6 pm (5 pm on Sundays) so please don’t bring in items for consignment later than 5:30 pm (4:30 pm on Sundays). All tents must be set up and stoves must be tested in the store. Sleeping pads will be tested overnight to ensure that they hold air.


Some people are unfamiliar with the process of selling merchandise at outdoor gear consignment stores, so here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding our policies.

If your store takes a percentage, why should I sell my quality used gear through you rather than selling on my own through Craigslist or other methods?2019-05-14T22:26:07-04:00

Our consignment fee percentages are very competitive with other used item retailers.  Second Gear’s percentage of the sale keeps the lights on and goes towards paying staff, the marketing, and the merchandising that helps to sell your gear.  As an established business, we have been gaining loyal customers since 2004. Our customers will be browsing your gear, saving you the time and hassle of trying to negotiate a deal yourself.  Many of our regular consignors are sellers who have become frustrated with the time-consuming back and forth of online sales. In short, we make it easy for you to find a large market for your items.

Do you ever offer cash for items on the spot?2019-05-14T22:26:01-04:00

No.  If you are looking for same day money for your items, you are better off at a pawn shop or another establishment.  Selling your gear on consignment will take longer than an upfront sale, but you’ll usually receive more money for your items by consigning them instead of selling for cash on the spot.

What is consignment and how does it work?2019-05-14T22:25:55-04:00

When you consign your outdoor gear with Second Gear, you turn over your items to us to sell on your behalf. As the consignor, you retain ownership of your items until we sell them.  When you are selling your items with Second Gear for the first time, we will set up an account for you. We examine your merchandise, determine which pieces we can sell, and establish the selling price.  After the items have sold, we a check to you for your percentage of the sale, or credit your account towards in-store purchases.

What items do you sell in your store?2019-05-14T22:25:28-04:00

We sell used, in-season outdoor mountain sports apparel and gear. We ask that items be clean and functional – apparel must be clean and free of pet hair, stains, tears, rips and smells, headlamps or other gadgets must have batteries so they can be tested, bikes must have tires that hold air, working gears and brakes so that they can be taken for test rides.

We sell recognized “outdoor gear brands”, such as Mammut, Mountain Hardwear, Patagonia, Keen, Columbia, Arcteryx, ExOfficio, Marmot, North Face, Outdoor Research, Sierra Designs, Smartwool, Chaco and a few other select lines.  We do not accept exercise equipment or athletic brands. For hard gear, we sell kayaks, canoes, bikes, backpacks, climbing shoes, tents, sleeping bags, and other camping gear that still has some good life left in it.

Feel free to browse our inventory for a better idea of what sorts of items we accept and sell.


Store Policies

Consignors can sell items for either cash or store credit.  Second Gear mails checks to consignors each month for any items sold for “cash” in the previous month.  The store strives to mail all consignment checks by the 10th of the month.  Consignors selling items for store credit are credited as soon as an item sells.  Consignors may access their account balances online upon request.  Feel free to stop by the store or call for your credit balance.

Consignment Rates

Consignors receive 50% of an item’s selling price for cash, and 60% for store credit.  For example, selling an item for $100 would yield $50 in cash or $60 in store credit.

Pricing and Monthly Discounts

Selling price is initially determined by Second Gear with input from the consignor. On the first of the month the selling price of consigned items are discounted by the following amounts: 0% during the first month or portion thereof, 10% during the second month, 25% during the third month and 50% during the fourth month. Second Gear reserves the right to reduce prices further for sales or other promotions.

Any consigned item on the sales floor for 150 days becomes property of Second Gear. It is the responsibility of the consignor to retrieve unsold merchandise before 150 days have expired, as consignors will not be notified as the expiration date nears.

Additional Policies

Items for sale at Second Gear are the consignor’s until they sell or 150 days has expired.  A consignor may also retrieve an item at any time.

Second Gear may ask the consignor to retrieve any unsold items at any time.  If the consignor fails to respond to Second Gear’s request to retrieve unsold items within 14 days, then the consigned items may be donated by Second Gear to Goodwill or a similar non-profit.

Currently we are NOT accepting:

***We are not currently accepting any winter apparel or gear***


  • Men’s Button Up Shirts

  • Winter Apparel

  • Winter Footwear


  • Men’s Cycling Apparel

  • Bike Shoes


  • For liability reasons we do not accept any weight bearing climbing equipment, including ropes, harnesses, carabiners, and rock protection.


  • We no longer accept Wet Suits of any kind.

We do not accept:

Bike Tires/Wheels/Bike Parts, Used Bike Shorts, Vintage Apparel and Gear, Air Mattresses, Ice Axes,  Mountaineering Boots and Equipment, Skis & Ski Equipment/Clothing, Crampons, Athletic Equipment, Clothing with holes/stains, Wet Suits, Electronic Devices (Watches, Fitbits, Handheld GPS Units)

Last updated 5.3.2019